Magnum Personnel Interview Strategies

Interviews Ė Preparation is the Key to a Successful Interview

  1. Always arrive at least 15 minutes early.

  2. Check the location of the company the day before so you donít get lost and be sure you know where you are going so you donít arrive stressed.

  3. Ensure you allow enough time for traffic to make sure you do not arrive late.

  4. In the event of an unavoidable situation, which is beyond your control, ensure you advise your consultant timeously in order that she can advise the client. Apologise when you arrive.

  5. First Impressions do count. Ensure you are professionally groomed.

  6. Always request a copy of the job spec and the web address of the client in order to do proper research.

  7. Keep eye contact with the interviewer, donít talk too much and listen to the questions asked.

  8. Only shake hands if the interviewer extends their hand first.

  9. Sit upright in your chair, do not slouch or lie in the chair.

  10. Switch off your cell phone when you arrive at the company premises and not when you are entering the interview room, as if you forget and the phone rings you will lose credibility.

  11. Never chew anything when you are being interviewed particularly not chewing gum.

  12. If you are asked a question you really canít answer be honest and use the phrase ďI have never been exposed to this situation therefore, have not had this experienceĒ At this point explain your willingness and eagerness to learn.

  13. Always be honest, if you are caught out in the most minor lie you will be discredited. Honesty is always the best policy.

  14. On completion of the interview thank the interviewers for their time and express your interest in working for the organization.

  15. Donít discuss salary and benefits in the interview, your consultant will discuss these on your behalf.

  16. Have referees names and phone numbers available in case you are asked for these however usually the consultants handle these.

  17. Your Magnum Personnel consultant is tasked with preparing you to meet the client, donít hesitate to ask questions.

  18. If you are unable to attend the interview or need to re schedule inform your consultant timeously in order to reschedule.

  19. You have been selected to interview with our client which makes you an ambassador for our organisation, Be prepared, Be professional and you will be assured success in your job hunting.

  20. Call the consultant directly after the interview with your feedback.


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